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Perhaps being a loser is genetic.

So let me introduce you to the loser that is one William Hamby and his other relative Billy Hamby. There is the possibility that these two are bothers, and both basically having the same first name goes to call into question some of the basic mentality already.

William Hamby is a hypocritical self righteous bigot Trump supporter who lies to everyone including himself and if he doesn’t get his way Billy will jump in every now and then to make sure you have no doubt that stupidity is genetic.

Well after showing much of his bigotry and hatred for everyone including most the LGBT community he feigns sympathy for the shooting in Orlando. His cries of anguish in my opinion get to fall on deaf ears for sowing hatred and bigotry toward the LGBT community.  Now recently I called him out on his bullshit about the shooting in Orlando. Then Billy Hamby joined in just to complete the idiot circle jerk.  You can see that here:


So let’s show some of the things he has posted.

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So yeah, these are some pretty clear examples of bigotry and hatred here.

AT&T continues to be fun and exciting

So at the office we have been having problems with AT&T for almost a month solid now. Between screwing up the move of the circuits. The dsl has been about as functional as a bald tire on an icy road.
This most recent development has been they blame me for the issue.

So I stayed up all  night 2 nights ago and went through each machine. Everything was fine. I have traffic monitors on each machine. If I am pushing 900M of traffic I would be amazed. They were claiming 6-7GB of traffic in an hour.

It is very possible that I was undergoing a DDOS attack or the modem sucked, but it has been one adventure after another. The connection dropped again today and finally I got the tech to call me back and tell me he has not seen anymore issue. I have photos and logs of my machines and their results. AT&T needs to realize this is not my issue. I would like to see internet for more than 3 days without issue. That may be asking to much.