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Lost some respect for Mike Roselle today

Mike Roselle is a very cool guy who has done some amazing things. Not the least of which is creating Earth First. We all are entitled to be disappointed by our heroes. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Mike, I am just disappointed.

Mike basically goes off on Bill Mahrer a comedian who has some very strong anti religious points of view. Yesterday 2 muslims shot dead 12 people at a satire news publication in France.  Mike decided to trash Bill and his anti religious views. Unfortunately the exchange makes Mike look bad and most of his commenters look like uniformed idiots that are the stereotype of the treehugger movement.

No the atheists are not responsible for the greatest mass murders out there. Yes religion has lead to some of the greatest atrocities in history.

No I do not support religion.


Common Core, it’s not for your parents.

The more I read about common core and the people who are opposed to it , the more I see why we need this reform done in our schools.  After years of traditional school methods and the failure of no child left behind and training kids to pass tests and not to actually learn something the more common core begins to appeal to me.

The old methods squashed critical thinking and actually teaching methods of understanding what you were doing. From what I see in common core that is going to end and not just knowing the answer is no longer enough. You have to be able to explain how you got the answer.

The problem now is that parents who were part of the school system that failed them can’t help their kids with their homework and don’t understand the concepts behind some of the new methods with common core.  Which to me goes to reinforce why we need common core. So that the kids get something better than what their parents got. So if you are a parent who objects to common core, you might have to realize you are the reason we need common core.