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AT&T continues to be fun and exciting

So at the office we have been having problems with AT&T for almost a month solid now. Between screwing up the move of the circuits. The dsl has been about as functional as a bald tire on an icy road.
This most recent development has been they blame me for the issue.

So I stayed up allĀ  night 2 nights ago and went through each machine. Everything was fine. I have traffic monitors on each machine. If I am pushing 900M of traffic I would be amazed. They were claiming 6-7GB of traffic in an hour.

It is very possible that I was undergoing a DDOS attack or the modem sucked, but it has been one adventure after another. The connection dropped again today and finally I got the tech to call me back and tell me he has not seen anymore issue. I have photos and logs of my machines and their results. AT&T needs to realize this is not my issue. I would like to see internet for more than 3 days without issue. That may be asking to much.