AAA bailed on my wife and 3 year old daughter.

I posted this on my facebook page today.

So I had to like your page in order to convey the message of how disappointed I am with your service. Unfortunately I can’t dislike your page and tag you in posts that debase you and your poor level of service. So my liking your page is a lie I used just to be able to tag you.

AAA I can deal with being left in as parking lot for 3 plus hours if it was just myself. It was however also my wife and 3 year old daughter. This information was conveyed in the first call and all the other calls I made after to try and figure out what was going on. This could have been fixed very readily with a locksmith. However you failed to be able get one who would service the vehicle that evening. Most likely because as I am learning companies no longer want to do business with you. So after several failed attempts to get a locksmith. I said can you at least get us towed home. You failed on the first attempt and when I called back to find out what was going on your operator put me on hold for fifteen minutes. I was upset when she finally got back because I literally felt she had forgotten about us. She said I had to place you on a brief hold and that I should nor be so upset. Newsflash 15 minutes in cold weather is a long time. I reminded her that I have a 3 year old here. She said that was not in the information. I have been on the phone 6-8 times with AAA by then and mentioned it each time. I finally called my brother in law who came and got my wife and child because basically your operator said they had no way to help us and AAA would reimburse us. When I finally do guilt an operator to get us a truck. I mention I am in a parking lot with 50,000 other cars as I did when we agreed to get a tow truck after your failed attempts to get a locksmith. You remember the locksmith that is what started this whole thing. So what arrives. A flatbed big enough to haul a train on. Fortunately the driver was skilled and I made sure no parked on either side of the car. Thankfully my brother in law took my wife and daughter home so I could deal with the tow truck. My brother in law showed up when he said he was going to. The tow driver and I managed to get the car loaded while blocking most of the exit route for other cars in that route but it was the only way we could got the tow truck. 4 hours later after this started I signed the paperwork indicating my car was home. Now today instead of doing the work I had scheduled I will be finding a locksmith. Remember that was the original issue. AAA you need to become familiar with the word contrition. There are dictionaries all over the internet to help you with that.

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