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Baby Formula Bulshit

So recently I came across this piece of drivel. I decided to respond to it. They are assuming that baby formula contains crap ingredients. Well a couple of minutes on similac’s site showed that was basically bullshit.  However I will say this a few minutes extra would have shown that is one of Similac’s products. It is one of their products. It belongs to Similac’s Soy Isomil 20. You can see it here.
Similac Soy Isomil 20

So is this some toxic baby formula? No actually it is designed for infants with special dietary needs. Infants that can’t digest normal breast milk or milk based formula. I discovered that after lambasting this loser.  However at least I looked.

Look if you can breast feed I think you should. It should be the primary means for feeding your infant. However if you can’t formula is not going to hurt your baby. And if you baby has digestive issues there are special types of formula that will help your baby be able to digest the formula so your child gets proper nutrition.


Follow up: Just to show how little effort this moron was willing to put in. I was spoon feeding him the list so he could check the ingredient list. Instead he can’t even count. I kept calling him out on it because it goes to show how little effort he was willing to actually put into it. Then he has his defender. I am suppose to come off as nice to idiots. Not going to happen.